3 Social Media Tools For Small Business 2013

Social Media Tools For Small Business 2013There are so many Social Media platforms out there now.. and even more 3rd party programs/tools to help manage them.  I’ve spent hours upon hours over the last couple of years trying new social media management tools as well as the social networks themselves. It’s not that easy to find ones that are affordable that can do everything you want them to.

Often I find one only has a couple of the features and not nearly all of the ones that I am looking for. Unless you can afford to spend $300, even 500$+ a month on really expensive ones, then take a look below at some more affordable programs that I have narrowed it down to.  I’ve recently cancelled Hootsuite & OnlyWire.com to try out some of these other ones.

3 Social Media Tools For Small Business 2013

1.) Sendible –  Social Media Management,  Publishing, Scheduling,  Automation,  & More

  • Publishing options include Subject/Title, Photos/files (photos post great and not as a link they have to open), Ability To add YouTube videos, tags, and Scheduling. 
  • Groups – You can group together different services and send out a message to the group you created (So I have groups for messages that go to platforms that have hashtags and ones that don’t)
  • It actually has all of the options for Facebook such as Post A Question, Post a Coupon, upload photos to albums, and that helps save a bunch of time.
  • Google + pages, YouTube (post to youtube as well) , Instagram (like, comment, share options in feed), slideshare, and much more.
  • Brand & Keyword Monitoring & Monitor Yelp Reviews
  • Quick Reports and Custom Reports (including best times to post, engagement probability, clicks, and volume)
  • Automation (RSS, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) SMS & Email Automation
  • Text Message Campaigns (not the cheapest but not too expensive either)
  • Priority Inbox (combines mentions, messages, and notifications from social networks to respond to)
  • Affordable Pricing (See Images In Gallery)
  • Assign Messages To Team Members
  • Bookmark Extension To Easily Find Content To Schedule & Post

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2.) Circloscope – Google Plus Uncircle Tool


  • Chrome Extension, simple, and works 
  • Automatically will detect all of the people that aren’t circling you back and you can uncircle them all in one click
  • Can choose specific circles or people to uncircle
  • CHEAP! One time charge of 5$
  • Fast response, you just buy it and email the developer and he sets it up for you

Circloscope premium in Chrome webstore: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/circloscope-premium/mechgkelogghhgmpmbpofjijifdppppl

chrome extension
Circloscope Page on Google+: https://plus.google.com/109096245971703802400

Developer Profile on Google+ (Ehsan Ahmadi Gharacheh): https://plus.google.com/115932955064831083806

3.)  Simply Measured – Reports, Analytics, & Data Collections

  • Free Reports – They have free report options as long as you send out a Tweet/Post for them
  • Blog Performance reports, Social Reports, Influencer Reports, Traffic Source Analysis, & a bunch more.
  • Great for employers, clients, & campaigns to see what is working the best.

I have a call scheduled with Simply Measured this week so get in touch at the end of the week if you would like to know more about it.

Click Here To See The Report In Your Web Browser: http://bit.ly/11POtag

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 Onlywire & Hootsuite Updates

onlywireI recently stopped using Hootsuite & Onlywire to test these other ones out. Here’s the email I sent back to OnlyWire.com in regards to my cancellation:

Issues I experienced: 

  • Very shortly after I hooked up two different onlywire accounts with the google logins, both gmail accounts were giving your account may be in danger, change your password errors. That happened shortly after the first post went out in onlywire on two different accounts for different businesses.
  • The RSS option is decent but it turns the links into onlywire links which is not good for social media. People won’t click on those links and know it’s automated.
  • The onlywire plugin once installed (on two different sites) was better but still didn’t get a lot of clicks. Both sites were slowed down tremendously by the onlywire plugin and posts wouldn’t show up for 1-2 hours at times.
  • Both the RSS/wordpress plugin should have the ability to put a tag (s) into the posts so when it goes to sites with hashtags they can be categorized and get more clicks (google plus and twitter for sure)
  • If I do one blog post a day then it will only give me 25 days of the month to post to the services before the limit fills up. On my northsandiego.org site when it’s active there are 3-6 new posts a day so that doesn’t go very far and I would be forced to upgrade if I wanted all of the posts to go out
  • A lot of the services had issues connecting on both OnlyWire accounts. Google connection issues, reddit, and there were a handful of the services that you couldn’t even sign up for anymore so I ended up wasting a good hour or two setting those services and running into all sorts of errors till i figured out they just don’t work at all
onlywireWhat I would change
  • Do one plan for like 10 a month and another for 20 a month. The 15-20$ a month plan could be unlimited messages
  • Fix the WordPress plugin, I could be wrong but i think what’s causing the slow issue is before the WordPress post goes out, it goes out to all of the Onlywire services which take time, so if the plugin was switched to have the post go live first then do that, it will be a lot better
  • Don’t put the services on there if they don’t work
  • Fix the links for the RSS

The OnlyWire Customer Service team was quick to respond though and if they make changes in the future I will take another look into it.

hootsuiteHootsuite I still recommend (especially since it’s free for up to 5 accounts) and may return to it in the future. If they add Google+ Personal Pages I will upgrade again. But let’s dive into the list of a couple programs I am currently using.

I will always be looking into others to see what combination will work best. If you have any you are using that you want to add just put them in the comments!

If you are looking to get on board with the huge growth of video then send me an email at Matt@mediacurb.com or fill the form out below. I am currently doing video ranking work (so they show up in Search Engines).

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So You Wrote A Blog Post, Now What?

after a blog post So you wrote a blog post, now what? You have spent the time, sweat, blood, and tears getting your blog post all ready to go, but now comes the issue… how do I get people to see it? There are lots of pieces to the puzzle when it comes to this and I will go over some different options and give examples of what I use to promote a post once it’s complete.

A well written blog post can bring a business in leads for years… assuming people see it and you can rank it in the search engines. I still see relevant posts high in the Google Search results from 4 years ago. Essentially how you would set up SEO for a page on your website you do the same thing for a post. If you are using WordPress this is easy by using a plugin such as WordPress SEO by Yoast which will give you a fields to fill in to make sure the Title, Keyword, URL, Meta Description, and Content in the post all correlate with one another.  If you can include images and video in your post even better. Google Indexes YouTube videos fast.. a lot of the time I see ones on this site index within 24 hours of being posted.

Assuming you have the SEO done then now you will want to utilize Social Media, Article Submission sites, and link submission sites to gain additional exposure and backlinks.

For Social Media:

  1. Open up the blog post and use the Hootsuite “Hootlet” button which installs in the bookmarks bar. That automatically picks up the title and shortens the link as well as allows me to post to all of the social networks I have aside from a couple.
  2. I promote to Twitter & Google+ Business Page the same type of post since Hashtags can work in both of those networks
  3. Then I check WordPress, Facebook, Facebook Business Page, and LinkedIn. I promote to these networks without hashtags and include a little more content and put the full link URL instead of a shortened one. I do this because I have 2social media different wordpress.com accounts I promote the post to and want the full link URL there to pick up the keywords in it. Also you generally get more clicks when it’s a real link.
  4. Then I promote to my Google+ personal page
  5. After that I will start submitting the post through various services.
  6. After a day or two I then go back to the post and Pin it on Pinterest and hit the share on Twitter option to give the article another round of exposure on Twitter.


I have free WordPress.com, Blogspot.com, and Tumblr accounts set up for both my name and for northsandiego.org. I use IFTTT.com (If This Then That) to have everything set up where when I make a post to WordPress it will automatically post to Tumblr and Blogspot. So when I send anything I promote through Hootsuite to those 2 WordPress sites it’s going to 6 different blogs. It’s free and doesn’t take very long to set up so I would suggest using it.


If it’s a post that I really feel I did a great job and want to give it an extra boost then I will use Empire Avenue and create a mission on that site to promote the post by having people share it on social media. Empire Avenue is a whole post or two in it’s own but if you have some time to check it out then I highly recommend it if you are active on social media.

Some different services you can use are:

Image representing StumbleUpon as depicted in ...

  • StumbleUpon – This is by far the best one for driving traffic to your website with very little effort. I added the StumbleUpon button to each post on this website to make it even easier. If you don’t have that option then just go to stumbleupon.com/submit and you can paste the URL in there. I would do this on every single post and every single page you have on your website. I have done it with YouTube videos as well. You can basically “Stumble” anything that has a link from what I have seen.
  • Digg – This is just a simple paste and submit and you are done. I haven’t seen this do very much to help at all but since it’s so unbelievably easy and takes 2 seconds I do it anyway
  • Reddit – Reddit has changed in the last 6 months or so. It’s not letting me post links very often and sometimes I have to wait days before it will let me post another one. This use to be a great source of traffic but it’s not working as well anymore. I do use it every time it will allow me to.
  • Scoop.it – Scoop.it is a great little magazine/newspaper style service that you can use to curate content. It also allows you to post to a lot of the main social media networks. I have cut back on Scoop.it myself because I have been curating content an different way and didn’t want readers to go through one more hoop before landing on the blog post itself. I did see traffic from it but I’m assuming that traffic is directly going to the post now (I didn’t track it to be honest).
  • BizSugar.com – This is an article submission site that is tailored to business and marketing categories. If you have a business or marketing article then I would suggest submitting it there. I believe you get to submit anywhere from 1-3 articles within a 24 hour period. I will be submitting this article on there since it relates to their categories.
  • list.ly – This is a simple curation type service that allows you to make Lists and add links/articles to the list you create. It’s great for a quick back link and is a little social network
  • Storify– This is an article submission site that basically opens up a word type document and you can place your article in there with a header and body. Just another way to give your post an extra push or if you have a press release etc it’s great for that.
  • Pingomatic – this is where you can enter your blog URL and have your site pinged so that search engines will read it. I no longer use this service since WordPress has a built in option and I have a plugin that will do this for me automatically. If you don’t use WordPress though then I would use it to help your articles get indexed quicker.

There are thousands of websites and services to submit posts to out there. I have spent a fair amount of time typing “Free Article Submission Sites” and different variations into Google and just reading through the big lists that come up and trying them out. You just have to see which ones work for you and pick a handful to submit to on a regular basis.

Also what I highly recommend that you do is find a couple of websites or blogs related to your niche that you can post or curate your article on. I was fortunate enough to be able to be a curator on Internet Billboards where I curate articles I finish linefind on the internet as well as ones such as this that relate to my niche. Having a couple of sites that you are a regular on will go a long way.

The last bit of grouping I recommend is finding Facebook groups, LinkedIn Groups, and other group types alike related to your niche and be able to post your articles in those groups. If you spend some time and engage in those groups then you will get readers from them as well.

If I spend 1-3 hours writing a blog post out then I will spend the additional 30-90 minutes promoting it.

I know I left out a bunch of services and resources so if you have some to add then feel free to add them in the comments or share how you go about promoting your posts. Happy Blogging!

Using StumbleUpon For Writer’s Block

StumbleUpon LogoWe all face the dreaded writer’s block, especially those who are trying to provide fresh original content on a daily and weekly basis. This comes up quite often for myself and I’ve found that StumbleUpon can help get a few sparks going to start the fire.

StumbeUpon is becoming one of my favorite ways to find articles. It’s idea is quite simple in that you sign up, pick your interests, and then hit the “Stumble” button and you will get a random article based on the interests you chose. All of the articles that come up are ones that have been submitted or “Stumbled” into existence on the network.

You don’t always have to provide fresh original content that rolls of the top of your head. Content curation is always an option when you run into writer’s block or even if you don’t have writer’s block it’s always a great way to provide readers with material. You can find an article (which is what stumbleupon is for) and then provide your opinions/expertise on that article and link to it so your readers can view the article in full. This can be done in a matter of 5-10 minutes.

Either way whether you curate the content or just use it to get some ideas going it’s worth taking a look at if you aren’t signed up.

Here is the method I use for WordPress:

  1. Keep hitting the Stumble button until I find an article I find worth sharing (sometimes it’s just a funny article)
  2. Highlight the text that I would like to share from the article
  3. Hit the “Press This” Button I have in my toolbar that every WordPress site comes with (click here to go to the Press This post)
  4. Save as draft
  5. Open up WordPress, write my little piece on the article and post it! Done

A couple of other uses:

  • Submitting articles to StumbleUpon. Install the Stumble share button on your posts or go to http://www.stumbleupon.com/submit. I spent a good couple of hours submitted quite a lot of pages, posts, and whatever I could off of this site and within about 4-5 days there were over 500 hits that came from StumbleUpon…. So I HIGHLY recommend doing this.
  • Finding great content to share through Social Media. You can really find some great articles by people that don’t have the resources to show up everywhere on the internet. This is also good because they get exposure to their content but also it won’t be the same exact thing that 2 thousand people shared that day.

Have you used StumbleUpon before? How much traffic does it bring in for you? Or if you have any other resources you use to overcome writer’s block please share in the comments.

stumble upon

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Local Twitter Search Tips

We are going to go into some Twitter Tips by using the advanced search option, Hootsuite, and a little trick on Bing to find tweets in a specific area. This social platform is great for so many uses! You can use it to strictly follow news and interesting articles to be able to sit down and get caught up right away, get weather / local / global news, participate in conversations or start your own using # tags (hashtags), customer service, retention, advertising (we will have a post soon on the advertising options), prospecting, sales, contests, keeping up with friends, and much much more! If you don’t have an account we suggest you make one and start tweeting! First lets start with the video and then there will be step by step instructions for each demonstrated….

Twitter Advanced Search

This is a very useful Twitter tip that has been around for quite some time.

1.) You can get to it by going to search.twitter.com or twitter.com/search. You do not need to be logged into an account for this feature and tip.

2.) You will see the screen that says “See what’s happening right now” and there will be a search bar, trends, and you can click operators or advanced search.

3.) If you are going to type your search into the bar then we highly suggest you read through the operators. All you have to do is click operators and it will show you. You can get very specific with these searches. A great one we highly recommend for finding local Twitter followers is the Near: san diego within: 25mi and of course just replace whatever city or area you would like and the mile radius.

Using the Twitter operators to help with search results.

4.) Now go ahead and click on the Advanced Search option. Within the Twitter advanced search option it really allows you to combine all of those operators in a very easy way. There are just columns to place words, exact phrases, people options, and that same Near option we showed you on step three you can use here by simply typing in the city name. This is a fantastic tool to use for finding your clients and it can narrow it down as much as anyone would ask for. Play around with it and see how it will help you. If you get stuck send us an email through the contact form and we will help you.

That’s it for the Twitter Advanced Search. Now lets move onto creepy Bing tip to help you find local users.

Bing Twitter Maps

Here’s a short step by step to utilize Bing Twitter Maps:

1.) Go to http://bing.com/maps

2.) Click on Map Apps under the search bar

3.) Scroll down close to the bottom middle and click Twitter Maps

4.) Now you will have a Timeline and Search option available. The timeline shows you tweets from users in the area you have on the map. So if you have the whole world showing it will show tweets from around the world.

5.)You can click the Search option and enter in the location, keywords, and people. Also it gives an option to only see people with photos. You can also just use the map and scroll/zoom in on the area you want to see and it will automatically show you all of the tweets from there. This is another great tip to help you find users in any area (assuming they have their location setting on :p).

Hootsuite  Streams For Twitter

We are not going to delve too much into the Hootsuite program on this post. We will have future posts that go into how to use it. Most likely in the next week or two we will go through the basics. Hootsuite is a great tool to use to manage social media accounts and schedule posts. You can also respond in the dashboard very easily. They have a Hootsuite university option and the regular upgraded account to let you connect multiple accounts is only $9.99 a month. But for this specific tip we are just going to show you how to make the keyword stream to help streamline your Twitter advanced searches.

1.) Get into your Hootsuite dashboard and click on the twitter profile stream you want to use. It normally adds a stream for you after you link your social media accounts by default. If not add a stream and click your account.

2.) Now you are going to want to click the “+Add Stream” option within the dashboard. That will pull up a little window. Then click the keyword option.

3.) Once you get to the keyword section you can add up to 3 keywords or phrases. You can use the @mattmassaro symbol to see anytime that @whatevernameyouchoose gets mentioned on twitter. You can also use # hash tags and so on. Then just hit the Create Stream button once you are done.

4.) That’s it you are all done with this Twitter advanced search option tip. You can see your stream in your dashboard now.

That’s it we are all done! The first two options for the tips, especially the advanced twitter search option is a great place to start. If you can learn that one it will help out and you can really engage follows in your area. If you feel this is overwhelming stay tuned in the very near future and follow our account @mattmassaro on Twitter. 

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How To Turn Off Twitter Tailored Trends

How To Turn Off Twitter Tailored Trends

Twitter has been making some recent changes. They have come out with a Tailored Trends option that was automatically checked “ON” for you. This is a quick post and video on how to turn it off if you were out of the loop the last couple of weeks. Twitter is also changing their search options. We have generally been on board and liked the changes twitter has made in the past. Twitter doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon and we are looking forward to going to some or hosting events with the hashtags to see what results that will bring.

Ok here are the easy steps to change tailored trends:

1. Once logged into your account go to the little half person icon on the top right.

2. Then go to settings.

3. Scroll down a little bit in the settings and you will see a “Personalization” option with the Tailored twitter trends right next to it. That’s it! Either decide if you want them on or off. Watch the video to show you how as well.

Hashtag List

Here’s A Simple Hashtag List To Get Started

I just recently wrote an introduction to Hashtag post mentioning the importance of researching some popular hashtags before you start using them. I wanted to go ahead and follow that up with a list to get you started. In some situations such as events/webinars/branding you create one to have a conversation for before/during/after the event or use your company name as a hashtag for branding. I will try to revisit this list from time to time and add the ones you want to recommend to it so it grows. This is just the start of the hashtag list. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @mattmassaro.

Social Media


#sm (social media)

#smm (social media marketing)



#fb (facebook)


#tweeps (people on twitter)

#tweetup (meet up in person from twitter)


















# your city, county, or multiple of them nearby

Online Marketing / marketing / blogs






























#IRL (in real life)