How To Turn Off Twitter Tailored Trends

How To Turn Off Twitter Tailored Trends

Twitter has been making some recent changes. They have come out with a Tailored Trends option that was automatically checked “ON” for you. This is a quick post and video on how to turn it off if you were out of the loop the last couple of weeks. Twitter is also changing their search options. We have generally been on board and liked the changes twitter has made in the past. Twitter doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon and we are looking forward to going to some or hosting events with the hashtags to see what results that will bring.

Ok here are the easy steps to change tailored trends:

1. Once logged into your account go to the little half person icon on the top right.

2. Then go to settings.

3. Scroll down a little bit in the settings and you will see a “Personalization” option with the Tailored twitter trends right next to it. That’s it! Either decide if you want them on or off. Watch the video to show you how as well.

Twitter Search Tips & Local Twitter Search

twittersearchTwitter Search Tipstwittertips

We are going to go into some Twitter Tips by using the advanced search option, Hootsuite, and a little trick on Bing to find tweets in a specific area. This social platform is great for so many uses! You can use it to strictly follow news and interesting articles to be able to sit down and get caught up right away, get weather / local / global news, participate in conversations or start your own using # tags (hashtags), customer service, retention, advertising (we will have a post soon on the advertising options), prospecting, sales, contests, keeping up with friends, and much much more! If you don’t have an account we suggest you make one and start tweeting! First lets start with the video and then there will be step by step instructions for each demonstrated…. Continue reading “Twitter Search Tips & Local Twitter Search”