Auto Posting Blog Using Hootsuite RSS/Atom Option

Auto Posting Your Blog Posts Using Hootsuite RSS Option

Hootsuite has an array of options even on the free account. The free account lets you have 5 social accounts connected. You could have just 5 twitter accounts if you wanted. One option on the free account as well is connecting  your RSS feed from your blog to Hootsuite. You get 2 RSS feeds on the free one. You can schedule it so that each time you make a new blog post it will push it out to the social media accounts you choose automatically. If you do not have your RSS feed url then please refer to my other post on How To Follow Blogs and Making RSS Feeds.

 Here are the steps to set up the RSS/ATOM:


  1. Click on the settings tab on the left.
  2. Click on the RSS/ATOM option.
  3. Under the RSS/ATOM Feeds click the + button to add a new feed.
  4. Now you will enter your feed url. Then click one profile that you would like it to go out to. Although it says “profiles” you have to do each one, one at a time. So click the profile you want it to go to and then set the hours that it will check for new posts.
  • Pick how many posts you want it to post at the same time. So if you made 4 blog posts that day you could have it check and post all of them out at once. This is completely up to you. I keep it at 1 post at a time.
  1. Then I also leave the box checked for “include text from post in messages.
  2. Under the “prepend text to each message” section y ou can enter something like “new blog post” or whatever you want. This now will display “New blog post Auto posting blog using hootsuite” for example on this blog post I am writing. Since you have the box checked above it will include the post title as well.
  3. Lastly pick your URL Shortener. It should be the by default and then save your feed. Make sure your feed is turned on in the next section and you are good to go.

Check back in an hour or 24 hours (however you have it set) and see if it posted your new blog post. *NOTE* if you just made a blog post earlier in the day I’m not sure if it will post that. I think it is setup to do it from the time that you set this up. So if you set this option up THEN made a new blog post then it should work.

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