Facebook Page Not Showing Up Unless Logged In

Hello everyone! It looks like I’m only going to be able to get one blog post up a week for a little. Last week I had a client/buddy that was having the issue of the Facebook pages not showing up if you were not logged in to view them.






Here’s what it is supposed to look like:

facebook page not showing up


Instead it was just pulling up the Log In screen to log into Facebook and not recognizing it. However if you were logged into Facebook then typed the URL in it would show up. I quickly saw in the settings under Manage Permissions that the country restriction was not default and they had typed in “United States” and had that there. Even though that SHOULD work it didn’t. The specific Facebook page this occurred on was less than 15 miles away from me.

If you have set up a bunch of pages for people and have used that country restrictions you should log out of Facebook and double check that they show up. It should stay default like the picture here:

facebook manage permission settings

That’s it for this week. If you have any Social Media Questions you would like the answer to get in touch with me through the contact page and I would be more than happy to help.

Auto Posting Blog Using Hootsuite RSS/Atom Option

Auto Posting Your Blog Posts Using Hootsuite RSS Option

Hootsuite has an array of options even on the free account. The free account lets you have 5 social accounts connected. You could have just 5 twitter accounts if you wanted. One option on the free account as well is connecting  your RSS feed from your blog to Hootsuite. You get 2 RSS feeds on the free one. You can schedule it so that each time you make a new blog post it will push it out to the social media accounts you choose automatically. If you do not have your RSS feed url then please refer to my other post on How To Follow Blogs and Making RSS Feeds.

 Here are the steps to set up the RSS/ATOM:


  1. Click on the settings tab on the left.
  2. Click on the RSS/ATOM option.
  3. Under the RSS/ATOM Feeds click the + button to add a new feed.
  4. Now you will enter your feed url. Then click one profile that you would like it to go out to. Although it says “profiles” you have to do each one, one at a time. So click the profile you want it to go to and then set the hours that it will check for new posts.
  • Pick how many posts you want it to post at the same time. So if you made 4 blog posts that day you could have it check and post all of them out at once. This is completely up to you. I keep it at 1 post at a time.
  1. Then I also leave the box checked for “include text from post in messages.
  2. Under the “prepend text to each message” section y ou can enter something like “new blog post” or whatever you want. This now will display “New blog post Auto posting blog using hootsuite” for example on this blog post I am writing. Since you have the box checked above it will include the post title as well.
  3. Lastly pick your URL Shortener. It should be the ow.ly by default and then save your feed. Make sure your feed is turned on in the next section and you are good to go.

Check back in an hour or 24 hours (however you have it set) and see if it posted your new blog post. *NOTE* if you just made a blog post earlier in the day I’m not sure if it will post that. I think it is setup to do it from the time that you set this up. So if you set this option up THEN made a new blog post then it should work.

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Make RSS Feed & How To Follow Blogs

Following Blogs and RSS Feeds

You can follow Blogs and websites by following their RSS (Really Simple Syndicate) feeds. The universal icon for an Really Simple Syndicate  is an orange background with little waves going diagonally up. You can think of it like a Facebook news feed but without everyone’s personal posts and the clutter everywhere. It will strictly be updates from the website’s blogs etc. Another cool trick is searching for the URLs to the feeds you would like to burn such as Pinterest, Youtube, Twitter, and Tumblr. Most social networks have the ability to have one. We have used that method in order to have them for EmpireAvenue.

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Basics Of Pinterest

Basics Of Pinterest

Pinterest is number 3 on the list of Social Media sites right now due to the amount of traffic it help increases. The majority of the website is still female users (that like to make purchases at that) which can be a great tool to utilize to sell products online and increase more awareness to your brand. We’ve seen some boards with over 17,000 pins on them. As with the other Social Media Sites sharing (Repinning on Pinterest), commenting, and liking on others posts are the best way to approach the platform. Click More for the full blog post.

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How To Turn Off Twitter Tailored Trends

How To Turn Off Twitter Tailored Trends

Twitter has been making some recent changes. They have come out with a Tailored Trends option that was automatically checked “ON” for you. This is a quick post and video on how to turn it off if you were out of the loop the last couple of weeks. Twitter is also changing their search options. We have generally been on board and liked the changes twitter has made in the past. Twitter doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon and we are looking forward to going to some or hosting events with the hashtags to see what results that will bring.

Ok here are the easy steps to change tailored trends:

1. Once logged into your account go to the little half person icon on the top right.

2. Then go to settings.

3. Scroll down a little bit in the settings and you will see a “Personalization” option with the Tailored twitter trends right next to it. That’s it! Either decide if you want them on or off. Watch the video to show you how as well.

LinkedIn Groups Gain Likes Follows Friends

Building A Following With LinkedIn Groups

 LinkedIn Groups have a lot of uses. There are open and closed groups. With open groups you hit join and you are automatically apart of the group. Closed groups you need an invitation or request to join. The majority of the time you get accepted into the group from our experience if it is a closed group. Within groups you can ask questions to professionals and you get very helpful tips and advice. There’s also useful blog posts, shared articles, and other tips in there. We spend more time in the groups than on the newsfeed in LinkedIn. Read More And See the Video…

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