Benefits Of Claiming Usernames Part 2

A few days ago I was talking to Kimberly Reynolds  (Savvy Media Marketing ) about a Facebook app posting without knowing it would. It had me thinking about how much information is out there for people to see and what information companies have of yours. I have thought about this in the past and accepted it a while ago. All of my information is out there on the internet and if someone really wants to find out about me they will be able to. The thought process for me was “Well if it’s out there I might as well control what people see” and that is where the social media profiles come in.



People will Google your name for all sorts of reasons. You may have potential clients that want to look into you to see more information. A potential employer will most likely Google you and look through your online presence. People constantly Google for dating, especially online dating before the first meeting. Someone may Google you that you used to know and is trying to get back in touch with you. There’s all sorts of reasons. I constantly Google myself to see what is showing up. I also looked how many hits my name gets a month (only about 250). However a good portion of the searches on the first 3 pages are my profile, websites, or blog posts are mine. Anyone else named Matt Massaro would have to spend some serious hours to get up to being able to compete. I also know that my last name would be extremely difficult to rank due to a WWE famous model named Ashley Massaro.

google logoNow of course this can be applicable to business as well. Making sure your business name shows up is crucial, regardless of what kind of business you are in. When I”m out and about someone might just hear the company name and Google it later to get in touch. I’ve worked for a company in the past and have been sitting down with a client who did a Google search and the business was no where to be found. That can be quite embarrassing. A tool I use is Google Alerts. You can set Google Alerts up to search Google for the keywords that you pick and I have it set up to search every day. So around midnight every day I see new results for the business name or my name etc. It’s a GREAT way to see when your website blog posts index on Google.

Now I used Tor for the search examples in the pictures below. Tor is a browser that you can download here: It’s an anonymous way to browse the internet. The military use it, media, and all sorts of other organizations. To give you a heads up if you do use it, it is pretty slow. I used it for this example to get complete organic results, without being logged into Google, and making sure all history was cleared. My personal Facebook page is not on there… I just recently checked and the settings had my profile being hid from search engines. I don’t ever remember setting it like that. I did a couple searches over a couple weeks and noticed it wasn’t there and had to change the settings.

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Recently Google announced they will be integrating your Gmail results into search. I highly recommend you get all of your Google profiles up to date as well as Pinterest.

Here’s a few suggestions:

  • On the emails you send out now I would start putting keywords in the title and the first 2-3 sentences.
  • Also make sure that your Google+ profile and pages are up to date. Google is slowly releasing usernames for those.
  • YouTube is another Google product that you should make sure is optimized with keywords (both the videos and the channel).
  •  Make sure your Pinterest profile up to date. I recently read on a Facebook post that they boards on Pinterest are going to start indexing better on Google. Make sure your board names, pins, and descriptions have keywords. Pinterest was on the first page up above for my profile. I’m also seeing about 5-10 emails a day about people signing up for Pinterest all of the sudden.

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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Future Post: I’m still working and playing around with some of the Google Author features. Once I have it figured out I will give you a thorough post on it.

Check Username – Why Claim Your Usernames?

Check Username Tips

Check username? Claiming all of your usernames can help you in several ways. Whether you are branding yourself or your company going through this process can help you get found online. I would recommend doing both your business and your personal name. If you are looking for a job or are in any position in a company where people are going to search your name on Google you will want to make sure you own what is going to come up. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Quora, and even a bunch of other Social Media sites come up in the search results. Personally I have claimed as many as I can for Matt Massaro as well as bought the website.. Just about every search result for my name I control and control the information on it. You can do the same for companies and all of this helps SEO to get found online.

social media sitesYou would be surprised how many people/businesses I help that have over 100 likes on their Facebook page and haven’t claimed a username for it. This will make it a lot more difficult to come up in search engines when the URL has a lot of numbers in it. Claiming your username in every single one is time consuming but it also creates a backlink by adding your website URL to each profile you make which helps out as well. Keep in mind when you claim your usernames and URL you could make them keywords instead of the business name as well. So for example, if you were a photographer in San Diego, you could do as your username so that it will come up in search results for that. I’m going to just list out a bunch of tips including a couple of websites to do a username check to see which ones are available for you.

  • Claim your username on the main social media sites first. Such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Quora, Tumblr, WordPress,, and a friends QR social media networking site called has showed my profile in rankings as well. The site is a great site to showcase all of your social profiles as just about everything is an option to add and you can add multiple profiles per platform.
  • Twitter you pick your username when you create the account. For Google+ you should make your profile and if you want a short link instead of all of the numbers use a link shorterner custom URL like I have and also there is a specific site just for shortening/customizing Google+ profiles which is On that one mine is

Here are a couple sites to check username availability:






That should be enough to get you started…. and keep you busy for a while! I have to admit even I haven’t made it through a lot of those. I try to use one of the sites and then go in and claim a couple new ones each week. Stay tuned for more tips!