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Following Blogs and RSS Feeds

You can follow Blogs and websites by following their RSS (Really Simple Syndicate) feeds. The universal icon for an Really Simple Syndicate¬† is an orange background with little waves going diagonally up. You can think of it like a Facebook news feed but without everyone’s personal posts and the clutter everywhere. It will strictly be updates from the website’s blogs etc. Another cool trick is searching for the URLs to the feeds you would like to burn such as Pinterest, Youtube, Twitter, and Tumblr. Most social networks have the ability to have one. We have used that method in order to have them for EmpireAvenue.

In order to start following a company’s RSS Feeds you will need a reader program/account. The one we use is You can make a Google Account if you don’t have one or just sign in with an existing one. Then you can search within the reader itself for the website/rss feed you would like or go back to the icon/link that the website you want to follow has and click the add to Google option. If this is still confusing for you then let us know and we will help walk you through it.

To make a Really Simple Syndicate you can go to and use the same account you made or sign up for one there. Then you can just enter the URL of your website or blog and it will burn the feed for you. You will then have a URL. Ours for example is

The video goes over all three quickly but you should get an understanding of it pretty easily. This method can really help save time as bookmarking sites can be time consuming and annoying. Also if you are anything like us when you bookmark a site you may not return to look at the bookmarks and forget all about them. Enjoy and we are always here to help and feedback is always great too so we can keep improving! Thanks!

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