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Google +1 Button

The Google +1 (plus one) button has been out for a little while now. Just recently they have made more of an update to it so you are going to want to make sure that this button is on your website. When people plus one your website it will effect search results and ranking for your website. If you haven’t noticed you can +1 websites in the search results within Google as well. Doing that directly off the search engine will help those different sites get ranked. That option is not available for Facebook and Twitter on there. Google+ is not trying to compete with the social networks that are currently existing (so they say anyway) they are continuing to improve all of their products together and the Google Plus platform is an extension of the existing ones. Also they just merged the Google Places page with the Google Plus platform. When you are logged into a Gmail/Google account, you already have a Google Plus profile already it’s just not set up fully. When logged into an account (another change added not too long ago) you now see personalized results (by default) and you have to switch back to regular web results. So you will see searches based on your circles and so on. We really don’t feel the platform is going to go anywhere anytime soon or die off eventually as their Buzz social network did. Between the hangout options for work and collaborating, the live recording of hangouts and broadcasting it, local integration, the # tags, business pages, circles, no ads (yet) and everything else that they are doing right it will grow and grow.

As for your business there’s a Direct Connect option as well. This will allow you to connect your website and the plus profile together. If you search inside the search +Mashable then it directly brings you to their profile without any other searches. It’s one of the many little tricks available. But again on an SEO standpoint and getting your website to move up the rankings, this is something you should take advantage of. Depending on what industry your business is in… chances are you can get ahead of them in little ways like this.

Here’s how to get the +1 Plus One Button:

1.) Go to

2. Here you can pick your size and width. You will not need to put your profile ID number in here. It will just use the +1 button for that specific page. You will want to make sure it’s on the homepage somewhere.

3. You’re done… that easy! Now that your +1 Plus Button is all set up you are good to go. Happy Rankings!!

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