Cheap Squat Rack With Pull Up Bar

Check out this cheap, affordable Squat Rack With Pull Up Bar from Rep Fitness.

Some of the details: 

  • 11 gauge steel with 2″ hole spacing
  • 6′ deep base for maximum stability
  • 2 weight horns in rear for added stability and utility
  • Band pegs double as dip bars
  • Spotter arms included
  • Choice of upright height: 92″ or 108″

Find out more here:

Deadly FedEx Accident

fedex accident aminpourLOS ANGELES (AP) – The mother of a teenager who was among 10 people killed in a fiery Northern California bus crash is suing the bus company and FedEx.

Attorney A. King Aminpour says the negligence suit filed Tuesday in Los Angeles seeks $100 million.

Seventeen-year-old Jennifer Bonilla, of Los Angeles, was on a bus taking students to tour a university April 10 when it was struck by a FedEx truck on a freeway in Orland.

Five teens and five adults died, including both drivers.

Some witnesses say the FedEx truck was on fire before the crash. The lawsuit alleges FedEx trucks have a history of catching fire.

Memphis, Tenn.-based FedEx Corp. declined to discuss the litigation but says it’s cooperating with investigators.

A call seeking comment from the bus owner, Silverado Stages, wasn’t immediately returned.

If you, a family member, friend, or loved one has been injured in an accident due to the negligence of another, call Aminpour & Associates today. We will immediately schedule a free consultation to meet with you regarding your case. Remember, there are no upfront costs or charges and we do not make money unless we recover for you. Please give us a call and let us help you through whatever difficulties you are facing.


Hop On The Google+ (Google Plus) Train in 2014

google-plus-trainI’ve been meaning to do a post on the benefits of Google+ for a while now. If you haven’t joined Google Plus yet… it’s time to join! Right now it’s pretty easy to grow a following with the current features. This mostly has to do with Circle Sharing and the ease of adding an entire circle of people (about 500 people) in 2 clicks. I’ve found that it’s easier growing a following nationally & globally, but local is a little more difficult. If you are trying to target locally the network will still yield a lot of SEO/search benefits for you.

Recently +Michael Q Todd did a post on Why you must move from Facebook to Google+

He covers:

  • Advertising
  • Organization Tools / Extensions / Stats
  • Reaction / Engagement
  • SEO
  • Hangouts
  • Circle Sharing
  • Embedded Posts
  • & Blog Comments

You can take a look at his post here:, as I will be trying to avoid going over the same information.

Ease of growing a following

As I mentioned above, you can add 500 people in 2 clicks on Google Plus.

There is a 5,000 person following limit (people you can follow, there’s no limit on how many can follow you)… which I was able to hit pretty quickly from repeating this process. You will run into daily limits & sometimes I had to wait a couple weeks after adding a circle before I was able to add another one. During that time you can spend time engaging on content & getting to know people.

Next you will want to find some influencers on the network that create public shared circles that get a lot of shares. A lot of the big influencers create a new circle on a weekly basis. You can also do an internal search on Google Plus to find some of them too. I usually search #Circle, #Circles, #SharedCircles. Usually there will be instructions on the original circle post on how to be included for the next one. Mostly this involves giving the post a +1, share, comment, & add the circle if possible.

Some users with a weekly circle are +Michael Q Todd, +Scott Buehler, +Billy Funk, +Plus Mastermind, +Shawn Manaher, & +Daniel Stock. Take a look at their circles below & engage with them for a chance to be in their future versions.







SEO Benefits from Social Search

Searches in Google now have Google Plus posts integrated within them. This means that the more people that are following me… the more exposure that ALL of my G+ posts are getting. If someone is following me, then searches in Google, and I have a post related to the search… then my post is going to come up very high in the results.  So even with a very small following you can still be getting ahead of other people by posting content with keywords you want to be found for… that will pay off in the short term & long term.

Google has been playing around with being able to search Hashtags as well. I’ve seen it on and off in the search over the last few months. It’s currently not on there but I’m sure it will be eventually.


You can post GIFS on Google Plus! It’s unbelievable that Twitter & Facebook do not have this feature yet. You can do a work around on Facebook with GIPHY but that’s a pain… and no one sees your posts on Facebook anymore anyway, so it’s a double waste of time. Tumblr & Google+ are the best places for GIFS, except on Google+ you don’t have to worry about seeing a giant weiner pop up in every search.


Giant Pictures

If you to get even more exposure on a post from time to time… you can post giant images. I’ve only done this twice so far and one of the image sizes I posted was 1600 x 1200. You will have to play around with it to get the sizing down.



Google Authorship

If you are creating any content on any website… you will want Google Authorship setup. There are plenty of posts you can find on reasons why you need this set up & you can do a search for “Google Authorship” and find plenty of posts about it. +Scott Buehler has a great post with all of the resources you need to set it up. That post is below.

YouTube Integration

YouTube is the second largest search engine globally & there’s already been recent changes to integrate it further with Google+. One of these changes is having a check box with “Also share on Google+” on every video. When you do comment that way…  your comment on that video ends up on your profile and in other people’s stream showing you commented on it.



The G+ mobile app is pretty good. More importantly… it’s consistently getting better with every update. Even GIFS work on mobile and the way it’s set up is great! One downside is that you can’t view or do much with shared circles on the mobile app, at least I haven’t been able to. That will change soon though. Aside from that I am able to be logged into multiple Google accounts and manage one page in the app at the same time which is fantastic!


There are MANY other reasons to get on Google Plus. Get on the network and see for yourself! If you have been on the network for a while or are just beginning and would like to see some quick growth, then I recommend taking a look at That Mastermind course is just about to launch & run by +Scott Buehler & +Billy Funk.



Are you new to G+ or have you been on the network for a while? How has your experience been so far? Feel free to comment & ask questions below!


DUI Checkpoints Weekend 10/25-10/26

DUI Checkpoints Weekend 10/25-10/26. Looks like the checkpoints are picking back up again. Should be a lot of Halloween DUI Checkpoints next week as well.

Don’t forget to check for updates throughout each night.


10/25 Friday DUI Checkpoints

Inland Empire

  • 6pm-2am – Ontario – Undisclosed Location
  • Lake Elsinore – Undisclosed time/location

Orange County

  • 8pm-2am – Costa Mesa – Undisclosed Location
  • 6pm-2am – Lake Forest – Undisclosed Location

Other California Checkpoints

  • 10pm-3:30am – Stanislaus County –  Modesto – DUI Saturation Patrols

10/26 Saturday DUI Checkpoints

California Checkpoints

  • 8pm-3am – Sonoma County – Santa Rosa – Undisclosed Location
  • 9:3opm-3:30am – Stanislaus County – Modesto – Undisclosed Location

Halloween DUI Checkpoints

Best Marijuana Documentary – The Union

This is by far the best Marijuana Documentary out there. It’s called The Union: The Business Behind Getting High. It’s very well researched as well as has real footage in it throughout the past. Whether or not you are for or against Marijuana you should watch this documentary and at least see the real truth to why we have the laws we have.

the-union-documentaryThis Documentary Includes (not in order): 

  • How the Prohibition on Marijuana came to be
  • The “war on drugs”
  • Drug companies and profit
  • Privatized prisons
  • Hemp and how hemp alone can save a lot of our planet’s environmental issues
  • Medicinal uses of marijuana
  • Soft & Hard Drug Markets – how the gateway effect really works
  • Drug Testing – Profits
  • Comparison to Tobacco / Hard Drugs / Prescription Drugs
  • The blatant lies the American public has been told
  • Celebrities such as Joe Rogan & Tommy Chong talk about it
  • British Columbia / Canada
  • And much much more.

Places to buy The Union: The Business Behind Getting High:

Official Website:

After you watch the documentary feel free to leave a comment about it below!